I love this!

I love this!

Dream Cheeks Workout

It’s STILL my Birthday (Cancer Season-is the best) and I am ready to enjoy in my Sensual Saturday,got on my 80’s jams and I am working out inside on this rainy Atlanta day.

Hugs and Kisses to you,


SuperWoman ~Dream~
The composer of this blog, who doesn’t have super human strength just a Mom with a pure heart, winning smile, and a little creativity. 
Enjoy your Friday Tumblr!!
-Ms. Atlanta Thick~Dream~

SuperWoman ~Dream~

The composer of this blog, who doesn’t have super human strength just a Mom with a pure heart, winning smile, and a little creativity. 

Enjoy your Friday Tumblr!!

-Ms. Atlanta Thick~Dream~

Happy Friday,an original poem by~Dream~.

The Pure Love We Share_Poem

Because this is real love

There is nothing, I mean nothing that I would not do for you

Waking up each day on this Earth makes me feel so sweet

When I am asleep the wonderful and kinky thoughts of you

I have of you

Would make an excellent scene for the silver movie screen

Minutes, hours, and days could go pass without being with you

I am content

For I am comforted, nestled in fond

Memories of you

A distinct stamp you leave 

The way that you hang onto every vowel

That I speak

To the way our naked bodies

Dance underneath the sheets

An odd pair are we

Love and life circumstance

Is the common denominator

That we share

Struggle and the fear of disappointment

At times is the topic of our conversations

For this is real love

And there is no

Judgment or shame

I see the doubt

The pain in your eye’s

Even when you are wearing a bright smile and a crisp uniform

You walk out the door

Anxious to fight the bad guy’s

Eager to save the day 

Many times I wished that 

You could stay

And lay in my arms

Enjoy the escape

No work all day, just play

In me, with me today

Each day I breathe

I pray for your health,strength, and wisdom

I ask the Heavens to protect you

For this is real love

And I would be sickened to know

That something bad happened

To you

For this is real love baby

I want you happy

Even if it’s not with me.

~Dream~©2014 Thick Dream Productions/Ms.Atlanta Thick~Dream~

To You From Dream

Dear Reader:

Glad you took the time to peep inside of my Universe. Something I would like to share with you. What may appear like all fun, leisure and silly days it truly is a big task to be Ms. Atlanta Thick~Dream~. The Mother, the daughter, the aunt, the sister, the friend, the vixen, the motivator, the baby momma, the advocator, the inspirational woman, the funny lady, the virtual girlfriend/lover…a gifted woman who wears many hats and has many titles. 

Recently, I was called “courageous” I didn’t think much of it because people say things to me all the time,only certain things stick to me…well that word “courageous" went down deep in me and it marinated. I thought long and hard, how can I be “courageous”? Then it dawned on me….”hello,you are a (single) Mother who is raising and nurturing beautiful individuals”….yes, I am raising alone more than two children,that right there takes plenty of bravery….also,I had to remind myself the challenges&blessings each child has-from the toddler hyper madness….to preteen/teen puberty adolescent attitude&mood swings…and the almighty hot mouth and thinking you are grown-confused young adult personality stage, I’m battling and handling it all. 

And (laughing out loud) a periodic moment of silliness is due for me and a couple hours of doing absolutely nothing is truly owed to me. It is very necessary when you are placed in multiple roles, and catering to various identities/people (little and big people)…maintaining their needs. 

So yes,it takes a hefty amount of “courage” to balance all that I do. Because not all the time it’s smiling faces,unicorns,rainbows,and butterflies….not everything is going to be fixed with a hug,a pat on the back,and a kiss on the cheek. It takes balance,it takes a firm hand, and a strong (discerning) mind along with “courage” to be Ms.Atlanta Thick~Dream~. 

I am thankful to be talented, slightly clairvoyant, and loving. It helps me to persevere, for I know that the help I seek (in the areas of home,heart&finance)…it will come, the successful person that I aspire to be….shall I become…and the little&big people that I’ve nurtured and inspired will be just perfectly fine. 

And knowing all those things, that makes me eternally happy, and my entire being…that includes my soul…has a sense of peace.


Your “Courageous” ~Dream~

Good morning! It’s THICK Thigh Thursday with #MsAtlantaThickDream
Thighs are sore from doing my late late night dance fit workout/clip. I had to do my weight check,and daily thigh check to see what area’s need the most attention…I’m thinking my inner,and back portion will be my focus the rest of the month.
Kisses to You,

Getting ready for my new YouTube.com/atlthickdream clips
-Ms. Atlanta Thick ~Dream~