That Moment Love Shows Up

Sometimes during the course of having good sex, love shows up and then what?

Do you run?

Do you hide?

Do you abandon ship and say to hell with Mr.Good Dick/Ms.Good Pussy?

OR do you acknowledge it?

Do you allow yourself to become vulnerable to a person whom you’ve gotten naked with on numerous occasions? Someone who may not know where you were born or your middle name?

If you choose to share,care and acknowledge it-AWESOME for you!!

Now if their reaction wasn’t as you planned whether your sex partner decided to not return the love or they decided to depart from the (homie lover) friendship you must be the “big kid” to accept that when love shows up, sometimes it does not announce itself and sometimes it doesn’t come with a how-to manual. And we are all not gifted individual crystal balls at our 21st birthday to predict its path or outcome. AND just because you”caught feelings”doesn’t mean your partner has to or will ever feel the same way.

In each and every intimate situation we place ourselves in on this planet, especially one that includes sexual relations we put ourselves at greater risk to not only disease yes,we increase our chances of being infected by love. Which is created by an emotional bond.

When you have reoccurring sex you are opening yourself to the possibility of falling for that other person. For your partner this can be like, subscribing to a magazine. What do you do when the magazine is taken over by a new editor or publishing company and you no longer enjoy the contents of the magazine. Do you cancel your subscription? Or do you continue to pay and receive the subscription knowing its contents is not what you originally signed up for? Don’t have a clue? Because you may still enjoy the high definition photography and the manufacturer coupons inside (i.e.-the other benefits of the sexual relationship).

To honestly answer any of the above may be tough for some of us, when we want what we want no matter if we receive unwanted or useless energy (to some) from it. If it makes us feel even too remotely good, we are human-we are more drawn to it.

Where we commonly fail, is when we do not go into a situation knowing the risk,the possibility-the”what if”. And allowing these “what if’s” to be discussed prior to getting involved. Whether you choose to discuss them with your partner prior is up to you, but a “real talk” conversation must occur in your mind. And it can be done by yourself. YES, I said it-talk to yourself about yourself,about yourself and this sexual relationship you are about to begin with Mr.Dick/Ms.Pussy. Having a “real" moment with yourself will save you some pain later on. 

No one can fully prepare for the unceremoniously arrival of love.  All you can do is be real with yourself,like I’ve done most of the time. I show up to the “party” smelling good,in my best dress and I either go inside and have fun or get back in my car and head home (alone…looking good..feeling dumb,but walking tall…spared from another love tragedy).

The choice is yours.

~Dream~©2014 Thick Dream Productions/Ms.Atlanta Thick~Dream~

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Love is a weird thing at times

One minute you want to be barefoot and sing in the rain

The next you don’t want to hear their name

I feel like I want to run away from him

And the next I want to be cuddled like a baby in a tight embrace

I’m just confused as shit

Why does love have to be like this

The sky high’s and the lowly low

The out and in

Just so damn confused

Love isn’t a crutch to me

Love is a necessity

A total must

A daily nutrient

Much needed medication

We’re addicted to this shit

Our love is so strong

The emotion can be felt over the phone

Even with clothes on

The heat between the two of us is smoldering

We hug

We kiss

We depart

I’m sitting in my car wondering


What in the hell

What the fuck

A simple touch

A quick conversation

The feeling I tried and tried to run away from is immediately restored

Our chemistry is so damn strong!

Its like neither can do no wrong

Fuck, I’m confused

Not use to this type of love

That is beyond sexual

Our metaphysical energy

This love is something serious

Hours,days,and weeks can go by

Without seeing this guy

The moment we lock eye’s

My skin can gently brush against his

The love floods back in

Oh boy,headrush coming

The feelings I’m getting

Shit, I cannot put words to this….I just do not get it

Simply put, I love him beyond his dick

He’s drawn to more than my pussy…we are bonded, spiritually connected.©2014 Thick Dream Productions/Ms.Atlanta Thick~Dream~

This ass you want you shall not have

It was only loaned to you

For adoration

Visual digital display only

Respect the artistic erotic expression

My freaky literary mental fucks

By now you know that I don’t do this for kicks

It takes passion to do this shit

My flaws and all are here for the world to see

Yes,I am for profit,this ain’t a hobby for me

A starving artist, yes that is me

This is my career,my occupation, a job for me

Self motivated, fueled by positivity 

Sexy,smart and witty 

A damn good woman who knows what she wants

As you see, I have no problem embracing my sexuality

Ass and Titties

Titties and Ass

Are all you care to see

Even with my clothes on, that dick stands at attention

Curves,plus my bubbly personality

Certainly you can have me,but only through your laptop or PC

My ASSets are mine,but I don’t mind sharing

Don’t forget to pay for a naughty download or visit my live webshows,might as well patronize the business after all

I mean since you are staring

How else am I going to reach my Millionaire status

This “Dream” is only possible from viewers,wanna be lover’s like you!

Happy (key) stroking 


I can be your therapist,girlfriend,lover,motivator and entertainer…that sunshine that you seek. Just long as you remember,you don’t control my shine nor can you steal my thunder. -Ms.Atlanta Thick~Dream~(This post is not for those who can’t see beyond the ass and titties.)

Classic Throwback Footage feat my curvy chunky lovin bod

A sensual and classy clip,but not safe for work viewing. For PC users only!(And adults only please,thanks!)

Ms.Atlanta Thick~Dream~

He knows I want to put this pussy on his face

So he can get a good taste

of my worth

He needs to inhale my passion

My juicy thighs possess such strength

He’ll know I am no joke when I wrap him up with them

I promise not to put too much weight on him

I just want him to drink from only me

Before he pours yummy cum inside of me

Slowly, yet surely I’ll slide down and anchor my hips

On his hard gorgeous dick

While we exchange slobbery wet sensual kisses

I must mention

I’ll remain handsfree

As I present my shaved pussy

Hot, moist ready for insertion

I promise to take my time

So we both enjoy the ride

As I glide back and forth

On his hard cockmeat

Being real steady because I don’t want to break my lovestick

I’ll remain calm

Directing my excitement into his ear

Naughty kinky,filthy lover’s jargon 

Reassuring him that his dick is all that I want, and all I that I need

Thanking him for being such a good man to me

Begging him to punish me with firm slaps to my fat ass

Pleading him to deliver deeper strokes to my pussy

I love to challenge him

Not only by being a hand full of a mate to him

I provoke him in such a way

It’s difficult for him to resist ejaculation

I am so good,too good for him to hold back

Every stroke is a fight

With his dick, mouth, and mind

He wants to go the distance

He doesn’t want to say anything stupid

He must concentrate on enjoying this wonderful feeling while pleasing his sweet pussy

A finger slide up his spine

A strong pussy grip on his dick 

My hands holding tight onto his sides

Along with a lick to his ear lobe

Will surely ruin that for hm

I love to watch him work

It arouses me more to see him try to combat this

In and out of the bedroom

He struggles with this

The work shuffle

Life’s balancing act

Random sexy thoughts of me occur more often than he cares to acknowledge 

He’s the definition of self control

Yet,it messes with him how I control him without being in his presence

Constantly revisiting each moment he has spent in me and with me

My laugh

My smile

My intellect

How sweet of a woman I am

How decadent I taste

How sexy I am

How nicely I move my hips

The wetness of my pussy

The feeling of my lips on his

Is always on his mind

So much emotion he has for me,he keeps most bottled inside

That’s fine

I love him anyway

It’s truly awesome

Knowing the pride is mutual

In time,he’ll get use to these tendencies

And accept that it’s merely a symptom

From consuming

Ms.Atlanta Thick~Dream~©2014 Thick Dream Productions/Ms.Atlanta Thick~Dream~


Ms.Atlanta Thick~Dream~

Angelic Dream

Introducing….the heavenly sweet angelic Ms.Atlanta Thick~Dream~

I had to hurry up to grab the camera,threw on this dress (lol) and went silly with the full moon pics for tonight. I am such a moon child (Cancercian people usually are).

-Ms.Atlanta Thick~Dream~

Tonight’s view from De Casa of ~Dream~

I had to throw on some clothes to snap a few images of the moon tonight.

-Ms.Atlanta Thick~Dream~